Silver Moments #22 - September 2015

It was one of those sessions where we decided to deviate from our usual snacks and offer the folks another old-school delicacy. On the menu was Soon Kueh, Old Cucumber Soup (for the residents on regular diet), and Bee Hoon Soup (for the residents on soft diet).  

Haze levels were low to moderate, but the heat and humidity of the afternoon was energy and mood sapping, especially for the folks.

They felt grouchier than usual, and it wasn't helped by the fact that most of our volunteers that day could not communicate in Mandarin nor dialect.  We have also later learnt that an outing planned seperately for a group of Aunties and Uncles had been cancelled at the last minute after they had sat at the entrance and waited for the whole afternoon. It clearly didn't seem like a good day for them. 


But we'd like to dedicate our appreciation to the volunteers from JP Morgan who have, despite such circumstances, held firm on their conviction to serve

and managed to coax some folks into drinking the soup (that is supposed to help cleanse their systems), and into participating (actively or passively) in some simple movement excercises. 

Having spoken to Jeff, the physio at Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home, we understood that he and his colleague, with their experience and capacity, could on average help 19-20 patients with such exercises everyday, and so each Uncle or Auntie would get the exercise about 2 to 3 times a week.


By having our 15 volunteers paired up and worked on about 2 folks each, we have increased the amount of movement exercises for those folks, even by just a little bit!

But hey, surely every bit counts right?

It was really nice seeing the volunteers keep trying even when they felt rejected by the foul moods of the folks. So kudos to all of you and great job for all your efforts!! We'd also like to thank JP Morgan for sponsoring the food items for the day. 

Hopefully the haze clears up soon and the Aunties and Uncles will be back to their usual spirits in the home. Till next time...

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