Project Home Sweet Home @ Jalan Kukoh (15th December 2013)

OH MY. We knew it wasn’t going to be an easy day but little did we expect it to be full of surprises! We had 40 volunteers who signed up (excluding the 6 committee members) but only 30 something turned up. The meet & greet was supposed to be 10:15am but most of residents were not around till an hour later! Some even turned up around 12-ish! To complicate matters, not every family turned up! So very blessed that we had extremely patient and understanding volunteers who were determined to see the project through!

The day started off like an uphill task but the intrinsic reward of knowing that we were the catalyst of a possible positive change in the community made all the difference.

It took a while for the young families to warm up to the volunteers – many of the residents were wondering why we had one volunteer tagged to each family. Good thing Cloudstaprint saved our day by being the perfect ice-breaker! It was so much easier to strike conversations with the families over the instant photo prints that Cloudstaprint sponsored!

So THAT was the easy part! Now comes the “EASIER” part of the programme – engaging the young families to deliver rice to the senior residents in the precinct. It was such a happy coincidence that Dr. Lily Neo, MP for Tanjong Pagar GRC was present to render support for our event!

We did hear some grumbles of why collecting food rations has become a more cumbersome task for the residents. To be fair, they were able to just simply collect packets of goodwill with the redemption of a coupon. However, we did receive very encouraging feedback from some of our residents! A number of residents were keen to join us in the next rice distribution for the elderly folks as they believe in rekindling the “kampong spirit” within Jalan Kukoh and being more involved in their own community.

Thank you Dr. Lily Neo who graced our event and gave us a great assurance that we are on the right track. Thank you Jalan Kukoh RC (David Kang in particular) for supporting us to take on such a brave challenge! Thank you to our sponsors – BKK Forex Pte Ltd, Pu Zhao Can Si Temple & Cloudstaprint! Most importantly, thank you to all our most dedicated volunteers who helped us take a baby step towards a fundamental change in traditional rice delivery approach. A paradigm shift – yes – collectively, we achieved it today.