+Venture Participants Happy To Receive Developed Photos

To the volunteers who had participated in our Tiong Bahru and Singapore River photography events, we are happy to inform you that your buddies’s photos have been developed! And coincidentally, they had arrived just in time for a surprise farewell gift to the Special Olympics Singapore athletes at the airport last night!


We heard some of their feedback:

Mommy, I know how to use a camera now!
— an athelete to her mom
Oh you mean these photos were taken by him??
— a surprised parent about his son
I remember you! When I saw you that morning and handed my girl to you, I knew immediately she was in good hands!
— a parent who spoke with us at the airport
Thank you so much for organising this. The event was very meaningful and the kids really enjoyed themselves that day.
— a staff from Special Olympics

While many of the athletes seemed shy receiving the photographs, you could see the sparkle in their eyes and that broad smile that exuded right from their hearts. We knew from that moment that they had enjoyed the entire process from exploring Singapore to making new friends and learning to use the digital cameras, and also to have received the physical copies of the photographs that they themselves have taken.

Thank you so much once again to our fantastic bunch of volunteers who have made this experience so wonderful for the athletes as well as ourselves. Also not forgetting our sponsors Olympus Imaging Singapore and ClubSNAP Photography Community for the digital cameras and SD cards to make this event possible.

We are certainly very encouraged by the feedback and response, and are looking forward to organising more of such events in 2014. So hope to see you all again soon!