Not So Early, The Kids Need More Sleep Too


Blessed to have Miss Raja from Beyond Social Services sharing her volunteering experiences and the do’s and don’ts with our young volunteers after the dance event!

One volunteering tip that she gave struck a chord in our hearts:

Miss Raja usually schedules outings in the late mornings so that the children could sleep in a little more during the weekends, as they might have had a late night the night before.

One example she gave us was the three brothers who attended the dance event only slept in the wee hours of the morning as they had to help out in their father’s satay stall till 1am! Regardless of the little sleep they had, they still got out of bed to attend the outing as it was not everyday that they could watch a dance competition of such a large scale!

Thank you for the invaluable insight into the lives of the little ones and reminding us to be a little bit more sensitive towards the needs of these children!