Photography +Venture @ Chinatown (1st March 2014)

Our first +Venture of 2014!

We decided to create a walking trail that meanders through Telok Ayer, Ann Siang Hill Park and the heart of Chinatown – all to be covered within 2 hours whilst capturing these moments using a film camera! What an ambitious challenge indeed!

As we embarked on this trail, we could see visible traces of racial harmony with the different places of worship coexisting peacefully side by side in the same area dating back to the 1800s. For example, Al Abrar Mosque, an Indian-Islamic style mosque, right next to Thian Hock Keng Hokkien Temple.

Apart from the religion influences, we could also find traces of the different cultural influences in our favourite foods. The children had teh-tarik from a popular stall that is tucked away in an upmarket corner of China Square; tasted some traditional waffle biscuits sold in a 70-year old bakery shop and not forgetting the hairy looking fruit! This hairy looking fruit when roasted used to be a everyday potato substitute for the immigrants (btw, we are referring to chestnuts if you haven’t guessed what it is by now)! To the children’s delight, they were also able to find the only well left standing on Ann Siang Hill to get a little peek into how our forefathers lived!

We hope that this particular walking trail gave both our volunteers and children invaluable experiences to places of great historical interest as well as insight to the lives of Singapore’s early immigrants!

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