Sort & Scrap @ Lee Ah Mooi (22nd February 2014)

Festive seasons are always the time for giving! It’s really amazing to see the amount of rice, bee hoon and biscuits, as well as Milo, oats, beans etc being contributed by such kind and generous souls.

Having said that, most of the time the organisations lack resources to manage the sudden influx of items…sometimes to a point where those items get left along the corridors for a long time. On this fine sunny day, a bunch of us put on our working gloves and got ourselves all sweaty with the labor intensive sorting and packing of the supplies. Approximately 60 man hours later, the inventory was pretty much back in order, and we could call an end to yet another fulfilling day at the home.

And while its good to have an abundance of certain supplies, it is also important to note that meat and fruits (more nutritious foods), as well as cleaning supplies remain high in demand for the home throughout the year. This is something to consider if you’re keen in contributing any supplies to the home. (Just saying…)

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