What Can You Do With $30?

Photo Credit:  Running With Tweezers

Photo Credit: Running With Tweezers

So what can you do with $30? Given the passionate nature of most Singaporeans regarding food, most of us would have no qualms about spending $30 on a really nice meal at a fancy restaurant. But did you know that for UNDER $30 – $22.77 to be exact, we could buy a grocery pack that would tide a disadvantaged family over a month for the most basic necessities? 9 main items include rice, cooking oil, salt, sugar, Milo, instant noodles, biscuits, condensed milk & soap! And if we top up another $5.48, we could get an old folk the last 6 items to also last them for a month. Just in case you were wondering, old folks usually don’t cook that is why we usually exclude the 1st three items in food rationing exercise.

So the next time when we generously splurge on a fancy meal, think about how far our dollar could stretch to make life easier for someone who needs it more than us!