Project Home Sweet Home #18 - July 2015

This was our 18th distribution since our inception, and it was also the most "messy" session ever! The packing process was some sort of a nightmare (relative to past sessions) as public and resident volunteers had different ideas on how packing should be done - tho few positive ones might see it as a situation where resident volunteers were playing the role of big sister/brother as their experience has served them well to sound the alarm when they feel something amiss.

Also on the bright side, the data that our volunteers have collected for us does point towards the residents preferring standardised packs every month.

This would be heavily considered as we look into how we want to plan and improve our Project Home Sweet Home sessions and the overall programme.

Once again, BIG thank you to all our volunteers who showed up that day to help pack and distribute 175 bags of rations. (Oops, did we mention that there was an increase in recipient numbers from 165?) Everyone's effort helped reduce the load on the rest and we can't say it enough how MUCH appreciate you guys being there.

Till next time! =)


  • Public Volunteers: 16
  • Number of Packs: 175


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