+Venture #9 Part 2 - July 2015

Scroll to the bottom for more photos.

Scroll to the bottom for more photos.

A month back, we were exploring some heritage places along the Singapore River with the athletes and their volunteer buddies. Now, with their photographs developed, it's time for them to get creative and prepare a storyboard to recap their favourite places along the trail.

As we weren't able to arrange for enough tables and chairs for the activity, we decided to make use of the floor in the hall of CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls School instead. And to our pleasant surprise, that arrangement seemed to have propelled more fun and intimate interactions between the athletes and volunteers.

One volunteer got so comfortable that he actually laid on the floor while helping with the craft!

From our observation, more girls looked like they were having really a good time as they took great care in beautifying their storyboards. Nevertheless, come presentation time, they showed the same shyness at the beginning, yet equally high levels of enthusiasm to take to the stage as they see more of their friends present their stories. 

Another point they unanimously brought up was that they really missed their buddies from +Venture Part 1. It was almost tear jerking to hear them say it with that subtle melancholy.

Imagine how much more meaningful it could've been if the buddies from Part 1 were there to do the storyboarding with together with them (only a couple of athletes managed to reunite with their buddies that day). But with great credit to our 10 volunteers, we're pretty sure the athletes left happy and much better equipped to introduce Singapore to their counterparts during the Special Olympics World Games 2015 in Los Angeles.

"This is by far the best event I've attended!" - one of the volunteers

A big thank you to JP Morgan Singapore for sponsoring both Part 1 and 2 of our Photography +Venture @ Singapore River, CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls School for providing their beautiful hall for us to conduct the activity, the ICs from Special Olympics for coordinating with us on the event arrangements, and most of all to all the volunteers who decided to spend a large part of their Saturday with us. 

Till next time!


  • Volunteers: 10
  • Athletes: 30