Silver Moments #20 - July 2015

Everyone having a great time passing the rubber ball around.

On the menu, there was chwee kueh, chai tao kueh (carrot cake, white and black), chee cheong fun and home made pear with white fungus drink

The operations team made up of young and "old" volunteers.

We had a group of old college friends who brought their spouses and children to visit the folks. They didn't quite know what to expect from the session...and quite frankly, neither did we.

And so, the session started with the usual tea-serving and chit-chatting with the folks where we felt the parents were such role models to their kids.

Mother and daughter feeding the senior auntie together.

One of the volunteers actually had a grandparent who stayed in Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home when he himself was still a teenager, and he shared with us how he didn't understand the importance of visiting the seniors at that time.

On the bright side, it's never to late to do your part today, and kudos to you for that!

Next up was something new to all of us - the group therapy session which involved engaging the folks in some fun exercises.

Our volunteers spurring the senior uncles by shouting "Huat ah!"

Two volunteers were asked to lead the session in dialect while the rest accompanied and encouraged the seniors. And boy did they generate a whole lot of laughter and positivity in the way they led (think naggy market uncle with slightly broken Hokkien). It was a wonderful session with the volunteers being so chirpy and proactive and making it so much less mundane for the folks.

It lifted even the moods of us Organisers who have visited the home for the 20th time!

Uncle was happy to join us for our selfie!

Thank you all so much for making the time with your families on a hot Sunday afternoon to spend with the folks. You guys have set a great example as mommies and daddies, and are an inspiration to us. Keep up the good work, and we hope to see again! =)

Till next time...


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