Features for A Volunteer

We are volunteers too so we have designed the system the way we would want to use to make volunteering as easy as A.B.C! 



We have designed the search tool to empower you to find the volunteering opportunities that matches your causes and organisations that you support!


We recognise that we are in a time-deprived society but you would want to give back whenever you can.  Hence, you can search for the causes that you care about when you have pockets of time to spare!



You can now have your very own account and dashboard to track what you have done thus far!  We found it extremely useful for us as volunteers to reflect on our past actions and plan for next volunteering event!



Because your views matters, we have designed the system to enable you to share your feedback with the organiser to let them know how you appreciate them and also areas of improvement!


Our design principles prioritize on the user experience, hence we focused on building simple and intuitive functions that are easy to learn and use!  Not only that, we made sure that it is a mobile-first design!  

Volunteering MARKETPLACE

That is our aim!  We decided to make this system accessible and free to all organisers, so that we can consolidate all volunteering opportunities in one single platform to recruit your help in causes you care about!