How do I take attendance of my volunteers?

  1. From the Main page or Events page, click on the "Participants and Attendance" button (or the icon that looks like a human) beside your event.
  2. In the Participants and Attendance page, you will be able to see 2 graphs. Please read the article "How do I check the number of sign ups for my event?" to learn more about the graphs.
  3. Below the graphs, you will see a list of your participants. And beside each name will be a dropdown list of attendance status (Attended, Absent With Apologies, and None/No Show).
  4. Update the status of each volunteer directly from the dropdown selection (the status is saved immediately without a need to click Save).

Note: It is recommended that you updated the attendance status of your volunteers on the day of the event as your volunteers stream in (or earlier), as their participation hours will be recorded the day after the event.