Our Partners

Over the years, we have built good rapport and relationships with different organisations and will love to introduce you to them via our bite-sized and purposeful volunteering events!



Singapore Kindness Movement

In 2015, we had the honour to be formally inducted by Singapore Kindness Movement into the Kindred Spirit Circle as a Ground Up Movement - more affectionately known as G.U.M.  Since then, we had immerse support from SKM to raise greater awareness of the work that we do!  THANK YOU SKM!  We look forward to many more good years to come!


The Tent

We wanted to work with new organisations for 2013 – so we decided to give a call to the different VWOs that we found via the web.  And over the other end of the line, we were very warmly received by Ms. Wan who spent time to talk to us about the children and the needs of the home.  We were impressed with her passion for the children – so we thought – why not!  And since then, there is no turning back cos we will look forward to seeing you in all our +Ventures!



Special Olympics always has a special place in our hearts!  We have been volunteering with Special Olympics for more than a decade now and it has been an amazing journey for us to witness the achievements of the athletes through the sports programmes tailored for these special individuals.  Special Olympics has not only created a platform to develop the physical fitness, self esteem and confidence of these atheletes but also created greater awareness and acceptance in the Singapore society so that these individuals with special needs can respectfully integrate into the community.


Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home

We chanced upon “Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home” last year and really loved the story of how it was founded.  So we decided to recee this nursing home one fine Saturday and we fell so in love with the spirit of the Home that we decided to continue to support their good work!


Jamiyah Children’s Home

We started our work with Jamiyah Children’s Home about the same time as we did with Special Olympics before they moved into the new site at Guillemard.  During our visit to the Home at the old site, we were given a tour of the home and remembered the furnishings being very old.  So we asked a simple question to Mr. Sophian – what do you need?  The answer was simply “We need bedsheets and new pillows for the children”.  And that was exactly what we bought for the kids for our next visit.  It was also since then we learnt to ask the fundamental question of “what do you need?” to every organisation that we work with, instead of working based on our own assumptions.


Jalan Kukoh Residents’ Committee

We first worked with Jalan Kukoh (RC) in 2011 when we did our first mass rice distribution.  Two years later, we decided to partner them again for Project Home Sweet Home to work towards social behavioural change and cohesiveness.  This is in line with the mission and vision of the Jalan Kukoh RC which is to build, strengthen and promote neighbourliness, harmony and cohesiveness amongst residents within Jalan Kukoh housing estate.  The RC also aims to make a difference in igniting the kampong spirit in Jalan Kukoh housing estate.



We have been working with Child@Street11 for the past few years and seen some of the children grow and blossom!  We are absolutely inspired by the children, and of course, the programmes offered to the children of the low-income families!  With the structured and well integrated programmes, Child@Street11 aims to break the poverty chain in one generation.


Beyond Social Services

Although we have been working with Beyond for a couple of years now, it is only through The Volunteer Switchboard that we are able to better understand their needs.  With that, Beyond will be fully engaged in the +Venture programme to build the confidence of their children.  A pretty ambitious goal and we can’t wait to see the results at the end of 2014!