Reasons to Organise


Recently there have been more and more ground up movements or informal groups who have come together to do good! Let us share with you our motivation to organise!



Whilst the charities address to most social needs, there can still be gaps in the services provided.  As active citizens, we decided to do take ownership of a cause that we passionately care about and create a ground up movement!  Hopefully we will be able to make a difference in the community that we live in!

Civil society movements, activism and social advocacy movements from the ground-up have risen in popularity – because there are more and more Singaporeans who feel that they want something bigger than themselves.
— Ng Yi Shu

Multiplier effect

If we were to volunteer and not organise, we would create 24 hours of service hours to our community per event (4 hours X 6 of us).  However, if we were to organise, we would be able to create a greater impact on the community ~ 160 hours per event (4 hours X 40 volunteers)!

Over the years, many informal and self-organised groups have approached SKM to seek support for their self-initiated voluntary projects. These groups are affectionately called the Ground-up Movements (GUMs). Their projects promote the message of kindness to different communities or address more specific social issues.
— Singapore Kindness Movement


Quite a few of our friends have told us that they want to volunteer, but don't know what they can do or where they should go. Also, we realised that not everyone enjoys being an organiser so we decided to share our knowledge, skills, experiences and resources to create bite-sized yet purposeful volunteering opportunities to promote greater volunteerism! 

Giving can take many forms and can even take you off the beaten path! How about volunteering with a ground-up movement (GUM)? GUMs are different from charities in that they are not registered entities, meaning they face a lot less red tape. But don’t be mistaken, they are in no way any less organised! In fact, this often means that they have more freedom to let their creativity flow and give back in new and innovative ways.
— National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre, Singapore